Why is Workplace Wellbeing So Important?

1 November 2021

Workplace Wellbeing

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Workplaces in every sector are focusing on employee wellbeing more than ever before, which can only be a good thing. Giving your staff everything they need to remain happy and healthy is obviously great for the individual, but did you know that it also brings multiple benefits to the business itself?

In this blog we look at how putting in place a system that promotes workplace wellbeing will help your organisation to grow and thrive.


How it benefits your staff

When you look after employees, you’re giving them everything they need to produce their best work. Whether they’re based behind a desk, in a sales environment, on a production floor or inside a classroom, staff need to feel supported in order to remain productive in their roles. By genuinely investing in workplace wellbeing, you’re helping your teams to achieve the following:

  • More confidence: When a worker knows that they can ask for help whenever they need it, they feel more confident in their abilities and role.
  • Increased output: Employees tend to work faster when their mental state is positive, which empowers them to complete jobs without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Greater enjoyment: Just as importantly as the above, mental health support in the workplace creates a more vibrant and enjoyable place to carry out daily tasks.


How it benefits your business

Mental health support and proactive workplace wellbeing systems are also an investment for your business as a whole. By reducing levels of stress as much as possible, your company will see multiple advantages:

  • Greater focus: People find it difficult to concentrate when they’re stressed out, which leads to deadlines being missed and errors arising in their work. Supporting employee wellbeing will help to ensure that everyone is focused on the task at hand and jobs are completed on time.
  • Clearer communication: Employees are more open to detailed discussion when their wellbeing is looked after, which aids everything from planning workflow to getting everyone up to speed on a particular project.
  • Increased employee engagement: From new ideas and solving problems to higher levels of productivity and more attentive customer service, individuals really do perform better when they feel happy in their work.
  • Less absenteeism: Whether it’s the occasional day off here and there or being signed off for months on end, stress and anxiety are major causes of staff absenteeism. Employees who feel that their wellbeing requirements are recognised, respected and acted upon are more likely to take less time off sick.
  • Longer staff retention: The last thing you want is for a member of your team to leave your business because they’re too stressed, especially when this is so easy to prevent. Workplaces that invest in mental health support keep their best workers for longer.
  • Stronger company reputation: People naturally talk to each other about their employers, so this is your opportunity to ensure that all of that chatter is positive. A caring company culture sends out a strong message that your business has values that it adheres to every single day.


Upgrade your office

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