Time Management Tips for Busy Companies

7 February 2021

Time Management

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In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “lost time is never found again”. It may sound dramatic but every minute of a working day can either be invested or wasted, which really adds up when you have numerous employees. To help you make the most of each day, we’ve put together some of our top time management tips.

Make goals clear and practical

It’s surprising how many businesses have goals that are either vague or unachievable, both of which result in wasted time, disappointment and unnecessary obstacles on the path to sustainable growth.

When setting a goal, make sure that you include a course of action, an achievable timeframe, a list of threats that need to be neutralised, and the members of staff who will oversee its outcome. Monitoring performance and tweaking the strategy when required will ensure that your goals come to fruition in a timely fashion.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Many C-level executives and even business owners are often reluctant to delegate tasks. This could be due to them not wanting to relinquish ownership, or believing that they’re the only one who can achieve the desired results. The key is to always know what each employee’s strengths are and simultaneously give them opportunities to build on them.

When you delegate effectively, you not only get more done within a shorter period of time, you also demonstrate your trust in the capability of your people.

Redesign your workplace

If you, an employee or even an entire team find that work isn’t getting done within deadlines due to distractions, it’s time to redesign your working arrangement. Sometimes it’s as simple as moving furniture around so that those who regularly take phone calls aren’t located in the middle of the office, or it might be that reorganising and cleaning up the surroundings will make distraction less likely.

This tip is very much dependent on your unique setup, so take a look around and decide if there are positive changes that can be made. It might be a case of just closing a window that overlooks noisy traffic, or maybe you’d like us to help you transform the way your business get things done through the perfect office layout.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Do your employees have access to fresh water, healthy snacks and regular breaks? The businesses that get the most done are always those with healthy and energised staff, so small additions like a water cooler and free fruit can often work wonders.

It’s also important to encourage your employees to take short breaks as required. This is a chance for them to rest their eyes and stretch their legs if they use a computer all day, whilst those based in a workshop or stock control environment can get some fresh air. It really is amazing what a five-minute breather can do for productivity.

Upgrade your office

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can help your business, get in touch on 01482 301000.

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