The Best April Fools Office Pranks

22 March 2021

April Fools

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Whether you love it or hate it, April Fools’ Day is on the horizon. The celebration has origins that span almost 500 years and it’s a favourite with naughty schoolkids and mischievous elders alike, but nowhere is it given more focus than within the workplace.

Each year on 1st April, office workers around the world consider the day an opportunity to take their creativity to a whole new level. In fact, some people go so overboard that they receive a disciplinary or even find themselves being sacked.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite office pranks to entertain rather than inspire you – we wouldn’t recommend doing any of these, but they are pretty funny to look at.


Wake everyone up

The start of the working day can be tough, especially when you haven’t got around to having your morning coffee.

There are a few ways to help your colleagues wake up when they arrive at the office, such as opening a window to let in some fresh air, pouring them a glass of water… and perhaps making them shout at the photocopier until the penny drops.


Repurpose their desk drawer

An office worker’s desk drawer can contain many things. It could be important paperwork, their favourite stapler, a fresh work outfit in the event of spillage or a stash of tasty snacks – whatever keeps their working day running smoothly.

Just imagine the look on this poor fool’s face when they discovered their drawer had been transformed into an aquarium, complete with live goldfish.


I dare you

Sometimes the simplest pranks are the most effective. We assume there’s nothing hiding within this upturned cup, but is checking it out really worth the risk?


Go green

This co-worker took their company’s green policy a step too far. If you’re looking for your pencil sharpener, it’s underneath the ornamental lawn flamingo.


Watch their face turn red

This is another classic prank that doesn’t do any harm but can be extremely effective. It’s amazing how long someone will frantically race their mouse around their desk in an effort to get the cursor to respond.

When they finally turn the device around, they’ll be greeted by a message of your choosing and hopefully see the funny side.


Brighten up the workspace

Does your colleague have their own private office? Have you ever wondered how many balloons it would take to fill it up to the ceiling with pure joy? Please note this prank requires either an air pump or lungs of steel.


Upgrade their motor

After a hard day’s work it’s time to return home to loved ones. Oh, so that’s where all the post-it notes went.


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