The Benefits of Happy Employees

14 July 2021


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When you factor in how many hours a week each member of staff spends in the office, it’s crucial that their surroundings are designed around comfort and productivity. Here at Merlin Office Equipment, we’re dedicated to helping a wide variety of companies and organisations to create workplaces that facilitate employee wellbeing. 

By providing everything your employees need to remain happy in their work, you’ll also achieve an instant return on investment on numerous levels.


Happiness reduces stress and anxiety

Recent years have seen companies put much-needed focus on the prevention of work-related stress. When left unchecked, stress and anxiety can result in mistakes being made, deadlines being missed, increased absenteeism and reduced workflow. By helping your staff to feel happy at work, you’ll be running a healthier business with a competitive edge and greater staff retention.


Happy employees are more successful

When a working environment has been created with efficiency and aesthetics at its core, employees will be happier in their work. Happy people tend to achieve more throughout the day, which has a positive knock-on effect throughout the year. From projects running more smoothly to a general sense of self-confidence and appreciation, it’s amazing what an office redesign can accomplish.


Happiness spreads quickly

If you’re having a bad day or feeling stressed, you’re very likely to be cheered up by a positive atmosphere. It may not remove the problems you’re facing but it definitely plays a part in helping you to approach them with renewed vigour and a can-do attitude.


A happy business gets more done

Speaking of a can-do attitude, it’s a crucial component no matter what the task at hand. Whether it’s getting through a small to-do list or tackling a major job, feeling happy at work helps to make everything more manageable. Whilst this is excellent on an individual level, the cumulative effect felt across the business can be extraordinary.


People are more creative when they’re happy

Getting more done is one thing and finding better ways to deliver work is another matter entirely. When staff are happy, they usually become more creative, innovative and better at solving problems. This can result in the business continuously improving its processes and service delivery across the board.


Happy employees are in it together

When staff feel that their mental wellbeing is being cared for and protected, they become even more proactive when it comes to supporting their colleagues. A culture of openness, encouragement and mutual assistance is the hallmark of a business where everyone wants to work.


A happy workplace is more enjoyable

Rounding up all of the above points, a business with happy employees will always perform better than one with staff who are simply there to earn a living. Full-time workers spend around a quarter of every week in the office, so let’s make it worth their while. 

The outcome is that they achieve more on a daily basis, your company’s output increases, your brand reputation becomes stronger, and you enjoy the peace of mind that you’re a responsible and caring employer. It’s a win-win-win-win scenario! 


Upgrade your office

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can design office layouts that perfectly suit your exact requirements and increase workflow, get in touch on 01482 301000.

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