Sprinkle Some Festive Magic Around Your Workplace

20 December 2021


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The jolliest time of year is here again and everyone is preparing for a well-earned break. Sometimes workplaces don’t manage to celebrate the season due to deadlines and workloads, so we’re sharing a few easy ways to sprinkle some festive magic around your workplace.


Decorate workstations

If your workplace doesn’t have much in terms of Christmas decor, it’s amazing what can be achieved when each employee adds a little festive colour to their workstations. A little tinsel can go a long way, plus you can get creative by building a small Chrimbo corner with a tree where fake (or real) prezzies can be placed underneath. Try to make this a team effort, as it’s an enjoyable activity and can be completed in an hour or less when everyone gets involved.


Secret Santa

This is an absolute office classic but sometimes it can be accidentally forgotten about. Secret Santa is a fun way to make sure that everyone receives a small treat whilst they’re still in the workplace. Make sure to give it an affordable price limit (such as a fiver) and encourage staff to put some thought into the gifts rather than opting for socks and Lynx sets.


Have an ugly Christmas jumper day

You may have already taken part in Christmas Jumper Day on 10th December in aid of Save the Children, but why not have another one? This time, wear the ugliest Christmas jumper you can find, as the results can be hilarious. 

Whether it’s a sweater sporting a festive kitten riding a pizza slice through space (they actually exist) or one knitted by your grandma (sorry nan), we guarantee this will bring plenty of cheer to your office.


Host a tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony

An event that’s easy to organise and really good fun is a mini awards ceremony. This can be held in your office or staff room and it’s all about celebrating silly achievements, such as awards for ‘Most Creative Use of Post-it Notes’ and ‘Most Colourful Work Socks’. Just make sure that the awards are positive, as no one wants to be remembered for ‘Most Toilet Breaks in a Year’.


Splash out on treats

It’s Christmas. The diet can wait till January. Treat your employees to choccies, tins of biscuits, sausage rolls, festive buns and all kinds of other treats. Simple acts of kindness such as this can go a very long way, as an unexpected brownie or cupcake will even bring a smile to a busy CEO’s face.


Do some charity work

‘Tis the season for giving, so how about raising a little money for charity or spreading awareness of a worthy cause another way, such as volunteering as part of a wider project? Giving back isn’t just great for the community, as it also does wonders for staff wellbeing and morale.


Upgrade your office

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can design office layouts that perfectly suit your exact requirements and increase workflow, get in touch on 01482 301000. On behalf of everyone at Merlin Office Equipment, we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!

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