Motivational Office Tips for the New Year

21 December 2021

Motivational Office Tips

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One of the best ways we can excel and grow in our day-to-day roles is by ensuring we manage each workday effectively. If you turn up to the office organised and on the right track, you can invest your full attention into achieving your goals. Here are a few tips on getting the most from a day at the office.


Plan each day before you start it

Whether it’s having a vague idea of what you want to achieve that day, writing a brief to-do list on the train or preparing a comprehensive agenda once a week, organising your days in advance is essential for developing a sense of routine and tracking your objectives.

Try assigning certain tasks for times of the day when you’ll work most effectively on them – for example, a morning admin session and an afternoon creativity power hour.


Set specific, manageable goals

Breaking down projects into smaller, manageable chunks can keep you in the right frame of mind to get stuff done. Rather than “create client presentation”, cut it into individual sections like “gather statistics” and “create slides”, as this way you’re fully aware of your progress and the task sounds far less daunting.

Try to avoid multitasking where possible. That way you can pay more attention to individual tasks, which maximises creativity and minimises errors in the process.


Stay in control of your time

Never be afraid to (politely) say no to colleagues or block out chunks in your diary so that you can find time to focus. Also consider allocating time for things like meeting preparation and CPD courses, as these are important but often left out of work calendars. Stay in control of your working day, without any guilt, and you’ll be far more productive.


Look after your desk

It’s surprising how much your workspace can affect your… well… work. Keep your desk clear of junk and filled only with current tasks. Stacks of paperwork need dealing with, sure, but they’ll only be a reminder of what you either should have already done or still need to do, distracting you from what you’re currently working on.

A change as simple as clearing your desk and only having in and out trays can be massively positive for your mindset.


Look after yourself

Let’s not forget to look after ourselves too. Working nonstop for 8+ hours might impress the bosses, but it’ll do nothing for your quality of work.

Take frequent breaks from sitting – your back and brain will thank you. Also, by stepping away from stressful projects for a short period, you’ll have chance to subconsciously marinate new ideas. Get plenty of sleep, look after your posture, stay hydrated, and you’ll be in a far better place to do some exceptional work.


Bond with your co-workers

Getting the most out of a day at the office isn’t just about productivity. We’re social creatures that find happiness in the company of friends, and if we’re happy in the workplace then chances are we’ll be far more productive as a by-product.

So, make the effort to get to know your co-workers, have a laugh, build strong bonds, and you’ll find your work environment to be far more enjoyable, cooperative and supportive. Don’t get too carried away though, as constant distractions are no good for anyone. Decide when it’s a good time for a quick natter and when you need to knuckle down – consider your workload and that of your colleagues, and always read the room before initiating a chat.


Upgrade your office

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can design office layouts that perfectly suit your exact requirements and increase workflow, get in touch on 01482 301000.

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