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30 December 2020


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If you work full-time in an office environment, you’ll spend around 1,500 hours a year sitting at your desk or in a meeting room.

This figure could actually be a fair bit higher depending on how often (or rarely) you get up to stretch your legs, and that’s not even including the time you spend sitting in the car, at home, on the train and elsewhere.

That’s a large portion of your year sat on your bum, so it’s crucial that your workplace furniture is designed around comfort, manoeuvrability, accessibility and wellbeing.

Ergonomic office equipment is all about keeping you productive without having to worry about aches, pains and twinges.

We’re proud to supply a wide range of ergonomic furniture that’s used in all types of office environments, from corporate headquarters and retail units, to hotels and leisure venues.

We also stock a variety of equipment specifically designed for laboratories, educational organisations, healthcare facilities and construction sites.

Put simply, we ensure that you can get work done in comfort as well as in style, plus we can even organise the furniture’s layout and install it for you.

There are multiple benefits that ergonomic design will bring to your business, such as…

Prevent pains

Our vast range of desks, chairs and tables are cleverly manufactured so that employees can carry out their duties in genuine comfort.

This plays a major role in preventing awkward positions, cramped legs and overstretching, all of which often result in anything from dull pains to the onset of arthritis and even twisted spines.

Not only does this keep staff capable and happy, it also helps to reduce sickness and absenteeism.

Boost productivity

Everyone works more efficiently when they’re in good health.

Whilst equipment like ergonomic desks and chairs will keep staff comfy, our office screens help to increase COVID-compliance by separating workstations.

By giving employee wellbeing the attention to detail that it deserves, you’ll receive a substantial return on investment across the board.

Achieve greater focus

As well as staff getting more done, the fitting of ergonomic furniture throughout your premises will also result in fewer errors and a higher quality of work.

This is due to stress and discomfort being significantly reduced, which in turn leads to increased engagement, focus and precision.

It really is amazing what customisable chairs and high-performance desk systems can do for a workplace.

Protect the entire body

Ergonomic chairs aren’t just about superficial comfort, as they have a much deeper purpose.

When you choose from our range of ergonomic seating, you’re making sure that it conforms to the body shape of the individual and supports their spine and other bones in the process.

Meanwhile, joints and tissue remain in a natural and neutral position thanks to the chair being adjustable.

Get in touch

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable and productive.

Don’t let substandard chairs and desks get in the way of maintaining a productive and happy workforce, get in touch on 01482 301000 and make your office ergonomic!

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