How to Create a Productive Office Environment

28 October 2020

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Making your office environments as productive as possible can seem like a difficult task. However, there are actually some very simple actions that will help to achieve it in no time at all.

Bright and breezy

Let’s start with the simplest additions to an office: natural light and fresh air. Not only are these easy to achieve, they’re also completely free. Working in a space that has plenty of sunlight will work wonders for employees’ mood and productivity levels, and fresh air helps to keep us alert whilst enhancing concentration. By setting up desks so that they’re facing windows, you’ll also improve visibility levels for video meetings.

Personalise your surroundings

Customisation makes all the difference, so if you’re finding your current setup a little bland, try adding some pictures or ornaments. We’ve seen some excellent examples of offices that have added personality, including everything from framed family photos to quirky stationery.

Keep it clean and tidy

Multiple studies have shown that an organised and hygienic workspace does wonders for mental health. From minimising clutter and maintaining an effective storage system, to removing mugs, rubbish and waste paper on a daily basis, by keeping your surroundings clean and tidy you’ll find that there are fewer distractions.

Take breaks

Some people take shorter breaks than they’re allocated or even forget about them entirely. If this applies to you, set an alarm or reminder so that you stretch your legs at regular intervals. This is also a great opportunity to grab a glass of water and take a nice long stretch, as working at a desk all day can cause stiff joints, cramps and lethargy.

Add some greenery

Placing plants around your workspace is another great way to improve wellbeing and productivity levels. People can’t help but be cheered up by greenery and flowers, as they add extra life to our day. On top of this, plants in particular need looking after, especially if they’re seedlings – this gives us a sense of responsibility and pride, which can result in an increased feeling of accomplishment at the end of the week.

We’ve even known teams who each have a chilli plant on the windowsill and hold competitions to see whose will grow quickest. 

Pump out some tunes

Listening to your favourite music is an effective method of reducing stress and anxiety. In fact, if you ever feel a little isolated whilst working on your own or remotely, a radio show or podcast might alleviate the loneliness. As long as it  doesn’t distract you from your duties, you’ll most likely find that the day runs more smoothly when there are tunes or radio voices in the background.

Have a catch-up

We strongly recommend enjoying a cuppa break with colleagues when time allows. Thanks to video call software and apps, you can even have a natter with workmates who are still working at home. This could also double up as a way of giving minor updates on projects rather than sending unnecessary emails.

Get in touch

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can help your business, get in touch on 01482 301000.

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