Designing a Workplace Around the New Normal

19 February 2021

New Normal

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There’s a lot of talk about the “new normal” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. From biosecurity to the wider adoption of digital tools, it’s easy for a business to fall behind and potentially miss out on opportunities to become more efficient, productive and switched on. We’ve rounded up a few ways to minimise disruption to your operations, maintain compliance and get more done on a daily basis.

Hand sanitisation

We’ve all adapted to the routine of applying hand sanitiser at regular intervals, although it can be difficult for a company to monitor whether staff and visitors have used it before entering the premises.

We recommend making sanitation part of your company culture, which can be done by installing hand pumps at entrances, adding signage to staff rooms and encouraging staff to regularly sanitise their computers, keyboards and desks. Small changes can sometimes make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to health, wellbeing and employee morale.

Thermal cameras

Many workplaces are installing thermal cameras at the entrances to their premises, as this is another way to prevent the virus from entering a building. These highly precise pieces of equipment immediately detect an elevated body temperature and alert a member of staff.

There are a lot of options available and it pays to consult an expert, as this will enable you to choose a model that suits your exact needs. There are plenty of thermal imaging solutions on the market and they may be more affordable than you think, enabling you to catch signs of fever before the individual accesses the wider premises.

Remote project management

Many businesses have thoroughly adopted digital tools such as video conferencing software, which allows teams to stay in touch and collaborate whilst working from home. Excellent examples are Asana, Basecamp and Monday, which are digital project management apps for organising workflow, creating and delegating tasks, monitoring performance and keeping relevant conversations in one place.

These systems can often be connected to cloud storage sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive, making it a highly effective resource for all kinds of projects.

Appointment scheduling

With some staff still on furlough, there are certain day-to-day jobs that may fall by the wayside. One of the most common is appointment setting, with decision makers missing out on meetings with potential clients due to their receptionists not being available.

Calendly is a handy solution, as it gives you the power to schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails, plus it’s free to use. Many of our customers have Calendly accounts and share the link on their social media channels, removing the stress of scheduling appointments and accidentally double-booking their diaries.

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