How to Make the Most of Meetings

Whether you love getting everyone together for a physical powwow or prefer to discuss projects through Microsoft Teams or Zoom, meetings will always be a staple of office life.


The Benefits of Happy Employees

By providing everything your employees need to remain happy in their work, you’ll also achieve an instant return on investment on numerous levels.


How to Apply Mindfulness at Work

When applied consistently at work, mindfulness (or mindful working) helps you to focus on the task at hand as well as see the bigger picture.

April Fools

The Best April Fools Office Pranks

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite office pranks to entertain rather than inspire you – we wouldn’t recommend doing any of these, but they are pretty funny to look at.


We Can Design Your Office Layouts

Achieving the perfect design takes time, attention to detail and a variety of considerations, so why not ask Merlin for some help?