3 Tips for Improving Your Work-life Balance

21 July 2021

Work-life Balance

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It’s no secret that managers and employees alike achieve more when they’re feeling motivated and in control. The problem is that it’s hard to achieve both of these things at the same time, although they do have a common factor that makes the process much easier.

The factor in question is planning your work-life balance. When you feel overworked, your level of motivation will dip, and when you feel overwhelmed, you’ll lose track of deadlines and make otherwise avoidable mistakes. By taking precise actions that are in the best interests of both your job and your personal life, you’ll find that you stay on top of your workload and still manage to have fun in your spare time. Below are three top tips on how to do it.


1: Prioritise your time

No matter what your role, time management is absolutely crucial. The ironic thing is that some people spend too long trying to manage their schedules, which results in time being wasted. The most effective way to prioritise tasks is using the following four categories: 

  • Urgent and important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Urgent but not important
  • Neither urgent nor important


Chances are there are quite a few tasks on your to-do list that aren’t as important or urgent (or either) as you originally thought. This allows you to rearrange your workload and delegate where suitable in order to get the main jobs done in a timely fashion.


2: Know your mind clock

Everyone’s heard of a body clock, which dictates the pattern of when we naturally wake up, begin to feel sleepy and require food. Your mind clock goes further in-depth, as it gives you a good idea of when you generally feel inspired, capable, mentally energetic and in the mood for solving problems.

For instance, many people are better off doing simple tasks first thing in the morning and leaving demanding duties for later in the day. Some are the reverse, and others have very specific peaks and troughs throughout the day. By knowing the best time to assign yourself tasks that require high levels of concentration, you’ll get more done in less time.


3: Plan fun activities for evenings and weekends 

The vast majority of us are guilty of using screens way more than we should. Whether it’s watching “just one more episode” of your favourite TV show or scrolling through endless social media posts for no real reason, this takes up a lot of time that could be invested in hobbies and family time.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t check Facebook and watch telly, but make sure to plan as many enjoyable, enriching and social activities as possible. Whether it’s arts and crafts with the kids, having lunch with friends, playing sports or building a ship in a bottle, the choice is entirely yours and it will help you to feel refreshed before returning to work.


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